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iControlDiabetes collects, analyzes and communicates data for diabetes treatment to Members and their doctors and nurses. You enter blood glucose readings and other information with postcards, telephone or the internet and monthly reports that summarize diabetes control are mailed to you. (Reports are available online too.)

The Benefits
  1. Choice. Members have options to access iControlDiabetes. Fill-out postcards GluCard, dial-in readings with the telephone GluCall, or upload data through the internet ControlCentral

  2. Feedback. A monthly report called a Diabetes Dashboard highlights excellent control as well as areas for improvement. It also shows HbA1Cs, current medications, risk factors, your explanations for unusual readings, notes and care plan progress.

  3. Education. You can also learn about living well with diabetes and share ideas with others at the Online Education Center.

  4. Reminders. Send friendly reminders to yourself to test blood glucose levels and submit readings.

  5. Rewards. Earn and redeem points for discounts, giveaways and other perks you deserve.

  6. Communication. Make the most of your doctor's office visit by improving communication about diabetes.

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